How to setup Print to PDF as an AirPrint Printer by Find My Printer

This chapter tell you how to setup Print to PDF as an AirPrint Printer by Find My Printer, and print web page, emails to PDF from safari and mail app directly:

You need to download the follow apps:

 Print to PDF:

 Find My Printer:


(PS: We use the iPhone version as screenshots, but it works the same as iPad.)

> Before Start Using App:

a. Use the v_1.2  version of Print to PDF app, And Find My Printer v1.0 app:



b. Keep it Off at Print to PDF in Settings app.


c. Close Print to PDF running at background.



> Setup Printer Driver by "Find My Printer" app

a. Launch Print to PDF app, go to settings by press the "Settings" button on the top-left bar.


b, Scroll to find "Run in background(ON)", and keep it ON.



c. Then go to "Find My Printer" app, you will see the "Print to PDF" app show in the nearby printers list.



d, Tap "Print to PDF" in the nearby printers list, then press "Print" button to test printing.



c, If success, an Alert box or notice will show up like this: If failure, please go to "Before start this app" step.



> Start Printing From Safari and Mail


a, Okay, We have setup "Print to PDF" printer driver, let go to safari or mail app to print:


b, Okay, here is "New file received!"



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